Springfield Nurseries, located on the south coast of Ireland has been in business for over thirty years. It specialises in miniature fruit trees for small gardens, patios and balconies. The owner, Dr. Pat McDonnell, is a fruit specialist: grew up on an apple farm; took a Ph.D. in Pomology (study of fruit); and worked on apple research before establishing his nursery.

Miniature apple tree in 2014, its 39th year and never pruned

The Coronet range of miniature apple trees was launched in 1998. These trees crop immediately, remain miniature permanently and are easy to grow (no pruning needed). ‘Coronet’ is now a well established garden centre brand. These miniature trees are, after 15 years, still selling well througout Ireland and the UK.

Miniature Cherry Tress - New for 2015

A unique miniature cherry tree has now (2014) been developed. It is suitable for patios and balconies. It remains miniature for at least five years. By that stage it is a mature cropping tree and growth control is no longer a major concern. These trees are easy to grow. They are self-fertile which means a single tree will set a fruit crop; no partner is required.


The Coronet Miniature Cherry Tree Range

Three well established varieties are available. For the UK the variety is ‘MORELLO’ the most popular cherry in England. There are two varieties for mainland Europe: ‘SUNBURST’ and ‘STELLA’. Both are well known sweet cherries. All three are self-fertile varieties and therefore one tree is sufficient on the patio or balcony.

How is it Done?

Miniature status is achieved by regulating tree vigour before despatch from our nursery. This is done by various cultural means rather like producing bonsai trees. They include periodic branch and root pruning and detailed attention to watering and nutrition. These cultural treatments slow down growth and change the tree from its vigorous juvenile phase to its mature cropping condition.

We are experienced at this work having been doing it on Coronet apple trees for twenty years. However cherries are more difficult. The miniature cherry reverts to normal growth after about five years whereas the apple remains miniature permanently. However by that stage (five years) the cherry is in a mature cropping condition and growth has slowed down. The tree can thereafter be maintained small by normal summer pruning.

Cherry trees, variety Sunburst: miniature (left) and normal (right).

The tree on left is in its 4th year as a miniature and has not been pruned in that time. The normal tree on right has been pruned annually. Growth on the normal tree is 60 to 90cm each year (inset, right). There is no extension growth on the miniature tree; instead terminal clusters of fruit buds are produced (inset, left).

The Coronet Miniature Apple Tree Range

The range comprises of three types:

COMPANION... a superb collection of proven garden apple varieties
SOLO... self fertile apple varieties where only one tree is required in the garden
FAMILY... the ultimate miniature apple tree: two varieties on one tree

Point of sale material for garden centres:

Other Products

The Coronet Miniature Cherry Bloom

This tree flowers immediately and remains miniature for at least five years. it is suitable for patio or balcony. It looks brilliant in flower and its ‘burgundy’ leaves are impressive throughout summer. The foliage turns bright red in autumn.

Coronet Cherry Bloom label (.pdf)

The Christmas Berry Tree

Here is an exciting product to brighten your home at Christmas: a miniature tree with a truly spectacular display of beautiful red berries. It comes gift wrapped and makes an ideal Christmas gift. It is actually an apple tree and the red berries are crab apples. This little tree would add sparkle to a hallway or lounge at Christmas. Its maintenance free. After Christmas it may be planted in the garden or patio. It will produce beautiful flowers in spring and gorgeous berries again next winter. The tree will remain miniature and productive for many years.

Christmas Berry Tree label(.pdf)



Within Ireland, North and South, orders are delivered directly to garden centres from our nursery.

Springfield Nurseries
Co. Waterford,
Email: info@coronet.ie
Phone: +353 (0)58 42811
Fax: +353 (0)58 44192

U.K. orders are delivered and distributed in CC's by the following:

Allensmore Nurseries Ltd
Tram Inn
Phone: +44 (0)1981 500946
Fax: +44 (0)1981 500944
Garden Centre Plants Ltd.
Barton Lane,
Website: www.gcp.uk.com
Email: sales@gcp.uk.com
Phone: +44 (0)1772 863531
Fax: +44 (0)1772 861008
The Bransford Webbs Plant Centre Ltd.
Website: www.bransfordwebbs.co.uk
Email: sales@bransfordwebbs.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)1886 833733
Fax: +44 (0)1886 832917

If you require further information then please Email Us including the name and address of your garden centre

GOT A QUESTION? Want to know how to plant your Coronet trees or how to look after them? Find the answers to these and other common questions in our FAQs



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