An exciting miniature tree with a spectacular display of beautiful red berries. Display indoors and brighten up your home at Christmas. It's child friendly and maintenance free.

  • Berries remain attached until late January
  • Display indoors over Christmas – no watering required
  • Plant outdoors after Christmas - in the garden or in a patio pot
  • Beautiful flowers in spring and more gorgeous berries next autumn/ winter
  • Remains miniature – less than 3ft (1m) high
  • Friendly to the environment

The Christmas Berry Tree is a true miniature crab apple tree. It may be planted in the smallest space - mature height is only 5ft. (1.5m).

The Christmas Berry Tree is purchased with an abundance of beautiful red berries that are actually crab apples and are suitable for preserves.

Garden or Patio
The Christmas Berry Tree can be displayed indoors over Christmas & planted outdoors after Christmas. They can be grown in the garden soil or in a pot. Being miniature they will not outgrow their pot and you can even take the tree with you if you move!

Easy to Grow
The Christmas Berry Tree requires almost no pruning and their small size makes them easy to maintain.

The Christmas Berry Tree is purchased with an abundance of beautiful red berries that will remain attached well into January & then the tree will flower in spring.

The Christmas Berry Tree comes gift wrapped making it the ideal Christmas gift: it is unique, original and distinctive.

When to Plant
The Christmas Berry Tree is for display indoors over Christmas & can be planted in the garden or a tub in January.

Planting in Gardens
Prepare a hole twice the size of the pot. Drive in a tree stake a little off centre. Tease out any matted roots. With the top of the compost 15mm above surrounding soil tie tree firmly to stake. If possible choose a sunny spot, sheltered from the prevailing wind. If the soil is poor dig a large hole (1 m x 1 m x O.5m deep) and fill it with good loam soil and/or planting compost. Coronets grow satisfactorily in most garden soils. However wet soils (subject to waterlogging) are unsuitable.

Planting in Tubs
Coronets are ideal for containers, you can have an apple tree even if your soil is unsuitable. Pots should be at least 25 litre. Plant firmly in fertilised compost with the old soil mark at the top of the compost.

No watering is required when displayed indoors over Christmas. Water thoroughly after planting and in dry weather in the first year. Trees in tubs must have moist compost throughout the year.

Coronets need permanent staking. Use a long lasting stake. Tie the tree firmly using an adjustable strap tie or stretchable material.

GOT A QUESTION? Want to know how to plant your Coronet trees or how to look after them? Find the answers to these and other common questions in our FAQs



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