A miniature cherry tree perfect for limited spaces such as a patio or balcony. The tree is self-fertile meaning only one tree is needed. There is a choice of three excellent varieties:


  • No partner tree required
  • Patio or Balcony
  • Remains miniature


Morello Cherry It is the most popular cherry in England. This self-fertile cooking cherry ripens in late July. The fruit are large and juicy. It is a very hardy type and can be grown in almost any location.


Stella Cherry This is a modern heavy cropping sweet cherry. The fruit ripens in mid-June. They are large, juicy and sweet. The variety is self-fertile: only one tree is needed.


Sunburst It is one of the best flavoured cherries. The fruit ripens in mid-June. They are large and dark red. This relatively new variety is self-fertile.

The Coronet cherry tree remains miniature for at least five years. Thereafter it can be kept small by annual summer pruning.

Patio or Balcony
It can be grown on the patio or balcony. Being miniature it will not outgrow its space.

Easy to Grow
These trees are easy to grow requiring minimum maintenance. No pruning is needed in the first five years.

A selection of three varieties are available: two sweet cherries and one cooking type. All are well-proven varieties and all are self fertile, meaning only one tree is needed.

All three varieties are self fertile which means that only one tree is required. Companion varieties need a partner to produce apples. Any two of our varieties will suffice.

When to Plant
Coronet cherries, being container-grown, may be planted at any time of year. However they are best planted in the dormant season: between November and March.

Planting in Pots
Coronets are ideal for containers. Pots should be at least 40cm (16 inches) diameter. Plant firmly with the old soil mark at the top of the compost. Do not disturb the root ball.

Water well after planting and keep the compost moist.

The Coronet cherry tree should be fertilised sparingly. Too much fertiliser will encourage strong growth and the miniature effect will be lost. Apply slow release fertiliser (available in garden shops) only once annually (March) and at a low rate.

Pests and Diseases
Most pests control each other in the garden. However greenfly which causes leaf curling, may require spraying. Avoid spraying at blossom time when bees are active. The small compact Coronet is easy to spray.

In the first five years the trees are best left unpruned. If an occasional stray branch grows strongly cut it back in summer. In later years keep the tree small by summer pruning if required. Do not prune between September and March.

GOT A QUESTION? Want to know how to plant your Coronet trees or how to look after them? Find the answers to these and other common questions in our FAQs



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